Mark Russo is the CEO of Treasure Investments Corporation. A longtime entrepreneur who grew up immersed in the art world, Mark envisioned a one-of-a-kind business model to provide valuable assets for charitable fundraisers — and after many years of careful planning, he created Treasure Investments Corporation to bring this idea to fruition.

Treasure Investments Corporation was founded in 2016 and is already at the forefront of its market; it is the premiere provider of sculptures for nonprofit galas. The company’s massive collection of fine art, combined with Mark’s longtime professional expertise, has led to success in thousands of charity auctions across all fifty states.

The Process


Cultivate a nationwide network of nonprofit organizations who hold gala fundraisers


Offer high-value art pieces for donation with no strings attached


Ship the art piece, provide all of the sales materials, and upon successful sale of the image, simply share in the gross sales price, all with absolutely no risk and no expense to the charity whatsoever!

Mark’s Role

As CEO, Mark is directly responsible for the company’s massive treasury of 700+ master molds. He comes up with ideas for art pieces, commissions artists within his extensive professional network, and oversees the design and manufacturing process for master molds.

The long and arduous process is well worth it as these master moulds can be recreated in various ways — in bronze, silver, or gold — hundreds of times for charity auctions nationwide, helping TIC and nonprofits alike.

Background and Career

Mark was born and raised in Oregon. His father, mother, brother and sister are all accomplished artists, which gave Mark an appreciation and understanding of art from his earliest years. At a young age he attended his family’s shows and was able to provide his input on their various projects from inception to completion. To this day, as Mark credits these experiences as formative influences on his ability to envision, source, and distribute artistic works through TIC.

Eventually Mark’s father allowed him to become a sales rep for his company, and he started attending trade shows on his own. Mark quickly showed his acumen in the industry, selling $800,000 of art pieces in just two days at an investment conference in 1989. This success opened Mark’s eyes to the potential of the fine art market and also inspired him to seek out new strategies to grow his clientele and boost his commission.

Prior to becoming CEO of Treasure Investments Corporation, Mark built and sold several fine art companies such as Fine Art Trust, Inc., Magnum Opus Fine Art Corporation, and Provenance Fine Art. Mark successfully built up those companies, gaining 150+ employees, book 1,000+ sculptures a month, and bring in millions of dollars a month in revenue. He eventually sold this company and now focuses full-time on TIC.